June 19 - June 19
Safe Hiking on the ECT
The East Coast Trail Association is excited to see so many people using the trail this season. To ensure the experience is safe and enjoyable for everyone please remember:

No Open Fires
a) No open fires on the East Coast Trail at any time. Carry a backpack or camping stove if you plan to cook while on the trail.
b) The East Coast Trail fire ban is in effect year round. Please... no open fires.

a) When parking please allow for physical distancing and access for emergency vehicles.
b) Do not block any driveways or access points. Parking should be limited to designated lots and one side of the road only.

No Trace
a) Pack it in. Pack it out. Please remove all trash, leftover food and litter from your experience on the trail.
b) Take Only Pictures: leave only footprints. Hike on the developed trail to protect vegetation and prevent erosion.
Also includes fires.

a) Dogs may join hikers on the trail as long as they are under the control of the owner. Owners must follow applicable provincial legislation and municipal by-laws when taking their dogs on the Trail.
b) If your pet is using the trail with you please collect their waste and dispose after your hike.

All of this information can be found on the Hiking Etiquette portion of the website
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Coast School Information for;

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Wednesday June 16th, 2021

East Point Elementarys Fun Day is not going ahead today. They'll try again tomorrow.

St. Francis of Assisi is holding a food drive today (June 16th), with a drive-through drop off during this morning.

Its Rennie's River Elementary day! Students are asked to wear blue, green or gold!

Waterford Valley High grade 12s have until Friday (June 18th) to return their Chromebooks.

Macdonald Drive Junior Highs annual Spring Concert will take place on Wednesday (June 16th) at 7:00 pm in Google Meet. Please RSVP using the link found on the schools website.

Leary's Brook Jr High will be celebrating PRIDE Week this week!

Holy Heart of Mary students, who would like to make changes to their course requests, have until June 24th.

Gonzaga Highs deadline to order yearbooks is June 25th.

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