Coast Local Headlines
January 14
Bay Roberts Man Caught Driving Child-Size ATV On Road
By Rick Bailey
A 28-year-old man from Bay Roberts was caught operating a child-sized ATV on the roadway this week. RCMP got a report on Tuesday of an adult man driving the vehicle on the Main Road in the community but they couldn't locate it. On Wednesday, an officer inside the detachment saw what was believed to be the same ATV driven by a man in front of the building, and a patrol later found the man and vehicle at a local business. The ATV was seized and impounded and the man was ticketed for ATV operation on the roadway. Police say that just as adult-sized ATVs aren't built to be operated by children under 16 years of age, child-size ATVs aren't built for adult operation, and any driving of an off-road vehicle on a roadway is prohibited, unless under municipal by-law.
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Monday, January 10th, 2021

Classes will continue this week in an online learning, virtual format.

Appointments for Family-Teacher conferences at Learys Brook Junior High are now being taken on their website.

High School students applying for the Rise Awards must submit an application package by Friday (January 14th). Details can be found on your schools website.

Any Holy Heart student who has paid for but not yet collected their cap and gown; the school will hold them for you until the rescheduled grad ceremony on May 2nd.

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