Coast Local Headlines
January 14
COVID-19 Update: 475 New Cases, 24th Reported Death
By Rick Bailey
Newfoundland and Labrador has 404 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 with an additional 71 case results from samples sent out-of-province, for a total of 475. There are 350 in Eastern Health, 26 in Central, 39 in Western, 51 in Labrador-Grenfell, and 9 cases from a private lab. NL also reports its twenty-fourth death from COVID-19, a woman over the age of 70 from the Western Health region. There have been 1,029 new recoveries and 8 people are in hospital, three of which are in critical care. There are currently 5,574 active cases in the province. Please continue following the proven Public Health measures, and find the most up-to-date related information at
Along Comes A Woman
Paula Cole
I Don't Want To Wait
Paul Carrack
Don't Shed A Tear
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Monday, January 10th, 2021

Classes will continue this week in an online learning, virtual format.

Appointments for Family-Teacher conferences at Learys Brook Junior High are now being taken on their website.

High School students applying for the Rise Awards must submit an application package by Friday (January 14th). Details can be found on your schools website.

Any Holy Heart student who has paid for but not yet collected their cap and gown; the school will hold them for you until the rescheduled grad ceremony on May 2nd.

Send your school information to
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