Summer On The Coast 2021
Leon's presents Summer on the Coast 2021! Win $150 in North Atlantic gas from Steers Insurance by entering at the cruiser or here online!


Jenna will be visiting your favourite summer hot spots with our Coast Cruiser. There are plenty of hand outs on board plus prizes from Parkside RV & Marine Park, and MAX Arts - Athletics - Wellness. Listen to The Coast and watch our social media as Jenna posts where she is at from her Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G Superphone from Eastcom Cellular.

Everywhere Jenna is, you can fill out a ballot to win $150 in North Atlantic gas from Steers Insurance. Fill out your name or enter online, then listen at 7:30am Monday morning for Bill & Carolyn to call out your name. You have 10 minutes and 11 seconds to call us back at 754-1011 to claim your gas!

Summer on the Coast 2021 with Leon's Furniture means summer fun for everyone. Brought to you by:

-Leon's Furniture - Elizabeth Avenue East and Armstrong Blvd Gander. Visit
-Steers Insurance - Wherever your wheels take you this summer, we're with you at Steers Insurance
-North Atlantic & OrangeStore -this summer let North Atlantic and OrangeStores fuel your staycation adventures. Earn points for free gas and snacks. Visit
-Parkside RV & Marine Park - Get your new RV and your seasonal campsite, all in one place! Visit us at and
-MAX Arts - Athletics - Wellness - Healthy and active programming for the whole family. Enrich your life at
-Eastcom Cellular - Home of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series of Superphones. Visit Eastcom Cellular, we get people talking and connected, 978 Topsail Road or visit

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Coast School Information for;

the Avalon Mall! Check out Avalon Malls exciting new store openings. Visit shop Avalon mall dot com.

Thursday June 24th, 2021

Today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!

Registration is now open for the MUN Engineering Outreach summer camps.

Holy Heart of Mary students, who would like to make changes to their course requests, have to do it today (June 24th).

Gonzaga Highs deadline to order yearbooks is tomorrow (June 25th).

A reminder for graduating students that the Newfoundland and Labrador Education Foundation is now accepting applications for its 2021 Scholarship Program, the deadline is Friday, July 9th. For applications and more information, visit the District website -

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