Coast Keyword 2023
The Coast $10,000 Keyword is back!  Last year Ken Butler claimed 10K!  Do you think you know the Coast $10,000 Keyword!  Listen starting Monday Sept 11th for you chance to play!  Each new Coast Keyword will have just six, non-repeating letters! Its up to you to follow along, keep track of the letters and try to unscramble the Coast TEN-THOUSAND Dollar Keyword...with Atlantic Trailer and Tractor: Lintrose Place, Mt Pearl and Thompson Street, Clarenville.  Newfoundland & Labradors Kioti Tractor store.

Coast Keyword Fall 2023 Rules & Regulations

-Coast 101.1 contests are open to individuals that hold permanent residence in the province of Newfoundland And Labrador and are within the terrestrial broadcast contour of CKSJ-FM.
-Individuals who participate in the Coast Keyword contest and guess incorrectly are eligible to attempt to participate again. However, individuals may only qualify once for the grand prize. 
-Those ineligible are:
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd. employees, those having left the employment of Coast Broadcasting Ltd within the past 2 years from the date of the contest period closing, persons that reside in the same household as Coast Broadcasting Ltd. Employees and former employees, and immediate family members of Coast Broadcasting Ltd. Employees and former employees.
-Coast Prize Sponsors for the contest, sponsor employees, persons that reside in the same household as Coast Prize Sponsor employees and immediate family members of Coast Prize sponsor employees.
-Individuals that reside outside of the CKSJ-FM terrestrial broadcast contour (ie: Those listening from a geographical distance through internet streaming).
-Contest participants must be 14 years of age or older.
-Prizes won by minors may be required to be distributed to a legal guardian as/if required by law.

Contest Entry:
-Eligible participants qualify to play the Coast Keyword as follows:
-By calling the Coast contest line when it is a signaled occasion to play.
-NOTE: Coast Broadcasting cannot guarantee that any individual will be successful in having their phone call answered when attempting to participate in the Coast Keyword contest.
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd reserves the right to alter the qualification process during the contest period

Contest Participation:
-Participants who correctly guess a COAST Keyword will  receive a gift card and will be eligible to participate for the grand $10,000 cash prize. 
-Participants will be given the opportunity to guess ONE letter they may think is in the Coast Keyword.  Whether correct or incorrect they will then be given 10 seconds to take ONE guess at the Coast Keyword. 
-NOTE: Only one guess is permitted per play.  Attempts to make additional guesses will result in disqualification from the contest.
-Contest plays occur at varying times (once between 6am-10am, once between 10am-3pm, and once between 3pm-6pm) between the hours of 6am to 6pm Monday Friday and may or may not include holidays
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd reserves the right to increase, or decrease contest plays during the contest period
-Listeners choosing to attempt to participate must listen for the on-air signal to play and then call Coast 101.1 at (709) 754-1011 immediately to attempt to participate.
-The participant must personally place the phone call, proxy will not be accepted and any misrepresentation will violate the participants eligibility.
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd is not responsible for ANY circumstance that prevents said participant from phoning Coast 101.1.
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd will allow a direct proxy (sitting with the participant) for a person that is unable to participate verbally over the phone due to a physical impediment.

-The Coast Keyword Contest awards a prizes as noted below:
-Participants who correctly identify the correct Coast Keyword will receive a gift card and be eligible to participate for the grand prize of $10,000.
-Eligible hours are from 6am to 6pm Monday-Friday and may or may not exclude holidays. 
-All cash prize amounts are issued by cheque in the participants name (or name of a legal guardian in the case of a minor if required).
-All prizes must be claimed in person at the offices of Coast 101.1 with proper identification to confirm contest eligibility.  Upon confirmation of eligibility, the cheque will be presented to the Coast Keyword grand prize winner.
-Coast Keyword participants and winners unable to confirm they have met the eligibility requirements when claiming a prize and are then deemed ineligible will not receive a Coast Keyword prize.

Other Items:
-Coast Keyword participants agree to the following:
-An understanding that the CORRECT Coast Keyword has to be identified in order to qualify or win the contest. There may be instances where the six letters identified can be arranged to spell multiple words but only one of the words will be a CORRECT Coast Keyword.
-During the duration of the promotion there will be multiple Coast Keywords to identify.  
-Successfully identifying a Coast Keyword will mean that a participant will move forward in the contest and will compete again for the grand prize.
-An understanding that they are participating in a radio contest which will involve their verbal responses broadcast over public airwaves
-Their name, general area of residence, voice (recorded or live), and likeness may be used by Coast Broadcasting Ltd and Coast Keyword Sponsors in promotional material surrounding the contest
-All prizes are to be accepted as awarded and are not transferable without the express permission of Coast Broadcasting Ltd and/or Coast Keyword Sponsors
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd is not responsible for technical errors during the execution of the Coast Keyword contest
-In the highly unlikely event of a technical interruption of the Coast 101.1 broadcast signal at 101.1FM during the contest window, the Coast Keyword Contest will be suspended until resumption of the signal.
-Any restitution due to a technical error is at the sole discretion of Coast Broadcasting Ltd and Coast Keyword Sponsors.

Coast 101.1 Privacy & Anti-Spam Policy

Coast 101.1 will occasionally ask personal information from our listeners for the purposes of participation in radio station and radio station client promotions and for identification in claiming prizes. All information is held for the exclusive use of Coast 101.1 and sponsors. By providing a valid email address for a contest entry through, you are granting permission to be contacted via email by Coast Broadcasting Ltd and/or a sponsor of the contest being offered. If after the first email contact you wish your information be deleted from our database, please contact General Manager Aiden Hibbs at



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Friday, September 29th, 2023

Schools are asking students to wear orange today (September 29th) for Truth & Reconciliation.

It's a PD Day today at the following schools;

Admiral's Academy School closed for afternoon session for teacher PD
Carbonear Collegiate
East Point Elementary
Macdonald Drive Elementary
Paradise Elementary School closed for afternoon session for teacher PD
St. Andrews Elementary
Upper Gullies Elementary

The annual cross-country series for schools continues tomorrow (September 30th), and October 7th in Bowring Park. The event is open to any student attending Grade 4-12 in Newfoundland and Labrador. For more information, or to register, please go to

High Schools

Clarenville High Schools clothing orders are being accepted online until Tuesday, October 3rd.

Gonzaga High 2022-23 school yearbooks are now available to be collected at the main office.

Holy Heart of Mary senior boys basketball tryouts are this weekend. Tryout times are tomorrow (September 30th) from 5- 7, & Sunday (October 1st) from 11 - 1 and 6 - 8.

Holy Heart of Mary senior B boys basketball and Senior B girls basketball tryouts will begin next week!

Holy Heart of Mary girls ice hockey tryouts are beginning this Sunday (October 1st).

First meeting of the Holy Heart of Mary Improv Team will be Tuesday (October 3rd) after school from 3-4.

O'Donel High is accepted school clothing orders on the online store. The deadline to place your order is Friday, October 6th.

Prince of Wales Collegiate Social Justice GSA will meet today & every Wednesday at lunch. New members are welcome.

Prince of Wales Collegiate's online 'Merch Store' is now open, orders are being accepted until Tuesday (October 3rd).

The deadline for Prince of Wales Collegiate clothing orders is October 3rd.

St. Kevin's High is looking for coaches. Those interested are asked to complete the application form on the schools website. Deadline to apply is tomorrow (September 30th).

Waterford Valley High students who wish to play boy's basketball, there is a sign up sheet posted in the gym. Tryouts will begin on Sunday (October 1st).

Junior High Schools

Brother Rice Junior High clothing orders are being accepted until Thursday, October 5th.

Leary's Brook Junior High volleyball tryouts for the Gr 8 & 9 boys volleyball will take place on Sunday afternoon (October 1st) from 1230-2pm

Macdonald Drive Junior High Jr boys soccer tryouts (Grades 7/8) continue today (September 29th) from 2:30-4:00pm.

Macdonald Drive Junior High Grade 9 Girls Volleyball tryouts continue on Tuesday (October 3rd), & Thursday (October 5th) from 4:00-5:30pm

Macdonald Drive Junior High will be holding a Thanksgiving Food Drive from October 2nd to the 6th.

St. Paul's Junior High's GSA will meet every Day 1 at lunchtime (12:08-1:03) in Mme. Walshs classroom (Room 301).

Picture Day at St. Peter's Junior High is today (September 29th).

Send your school information to

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