Coast @ Work with Dana Parsons
We welcome Dana Parsons to the Coast @ Work time slot as our permanent host! Lots of funs songs to make the work day fly by, presented by a woman who knows her music and loves to have fun! Dana is a well knows singer and stage performer who takes her quick wit and improv skills to the air!
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Coast School Information for the Avalon Mall! Visit!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2020

Macdonald Drive Junior High Chromebook forms need to be signed and returned by Friday (January 29th).

O'Donel High School clothing orders are being taken online. Find the link on the schools website.

Holy Spirit High students are asked to have your Chromebook agreement forms returned to the office by Friday (January 29th).

Holy Heart will be hosting a meeting for parents of grade 9 students at Brother Rice Junior High, at 6:30 pm on Monday Feb 8th. A link for the virtual event will be posted to the Holy Heart website in advance of the virtual session.

Holy Trinity High graduates of 2021 who are interested in ordering a grad hoodie, please do so through the online store. The link can be found on the schools website. Thursday, February 18th will be a half day for students to accommodate for parent teacher interviews. Students will be dismissed at 11:10. OPTIS will be open for parents to book appointments for parent teacher interviews starting on Thursday, February 11th.

Holy Heart of Mary graduation photos will now be taking place at the school from March 1st-5th.

Learys Brook Junior High are looking for coaches for their Grade 6 and 7/8 boys basketball teams. Anyone interested can contact Ms. Skinner.

St. Kevins High 2020-2021 school yearbook orders are now being taken on the schools website.

The Villanova Junior High Intensive Core French Registration deadline is Friday, January 29th. The form can be found on the website.

Crescent Collegiate are taking orders for the 2019-2020 yearbook. Find the link on the schools website.

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Winter Storm Warning
Friday - snow showers, possible sunny breaks, high -1
Friday night - snow showers, 2-4cm, low -6
Saturday - party sunny, few flurries, high -3

-GovNL offices in the St. John's metro region will have a delayed opening Friday. Offices will open at 11:00 a.m.
-WorkplaceNLs St. Johns office will delay opening until 11am Friday
-Courts in St. Johns, including the Sheriffs Office and Family Justice Services, will reopen Friday afternoon at their regular times. For scheduling information, please visit
- All City of St. John's facilities will reopen at 11 a.m. Friday
- Friday's waste collection in St. John's for Area 5 (5B recycling) is postponed to:
Monday, Jan. 25, along with Area 1 (1A recycling) Waste may be collected later than normal on Monday due to the double day.
- Paradise - All Town facilities, including the Town Hall & Paradise Double Ice Complex, will open at 11 a.m. Friday. Reminder: Garbage & Recycling collection are cancelled, will be collected Mon, Jan 25 .
-Seal Cove campus of CNA will be closed for the morning (Friday, Jan. 22). There will be at update at 11 a.m. regarding the afternoon. All online classes will continue as scheduled
-Carbonear campus of CNA will be closed for the morning (Friday, Jan. 22) with an update at 11 a.m. regarding the afternoon. Online classes will continue as scheduled
-Ridge Road (RR) campus CNA in St. Johns will remain closed for the morning (Friday, Jan 22). This includes the RR programs at Prince Philip Drive campus. An update will be provided at 11 a.m. for afternoon classes
-Prince Philip Drive campus CNA (including the Child Care Center, ATC and Topsail Road offices) in St. Johns will be closed Friday morning with an update at 11 a.m. regarding afternoon classes.
- Marine Institute, due to inclement weather, access is restricted to Ridge Rd campus, OSSC & Holyrood Marine Base until 1 pm Friday. On-campus classes and activities are cancelled. Courses/work will continue remotely.
-MUN buildings are closed at the St. Johns, Signal Hill and Marine Institute campuses until 1pm Friday. Regularly scheduled on-campus classes and activities are cancelled. The Childcare Centre is closed until 1 p.m.
-College of the North Atlantic, Clarenville Campus, will be closed Friday morning
- C-NLOPB will delay opening until 11am Friday morning.
-all Town of Torbay Facilities will have a delayed opening at 11:00am Friday
- Portugal Cove-St. Philips delayed opening for all Town facilities, including the Town Hall, for Friday.
-All 3 of the St. John's Public Library branches, as well as the Mount Pearl Public Library will delay opening until 1pm Friday.
-All City of Mount Pearl facilities will reopen at 11am Friday
-Conception Bay South Town facilities & buildings will open to the public at 11:00 am, Friday
- Town of LBMCOC - all Town Facilities, including the Town Hall, will remain closed Friday. Staff are available by phone or email

Local Business
- Avalon Mall will open at 10:00am Friday.
-The Ches Penney Family YMCA and the YMCA Child Care Centre will reopen at 10am Friday
-BLOOMSBURY Child Card will delay opening until 10am Friday
-Priceless Treasures Daycare In Paradise will delay opening until 10am Friday.
- The office of Dr Tracey Brown-Maher Dermatologist will have a delayed opening Friday, the office will open at 10am
-NLC Head Office, Rock Spirits, Distribution Centre and Stores in St. Johns, Mt. Pearl and CBS will open at 10am Friday.
-Early Achievers Montessori School will re-open at 11:30. Drop off will take place between 11:30-12:30 Friday
-The Autism Society Newfoundland Labrador at The Elaine Dobbin Centre for Autism will be closed Friday morning and will reopen at 12pm.
-St. John's offices of the Association for New Canadians, including the ESL Training Centre, will delay opening until noon Friday.
-Hair Factory will open at 12:00 Friday
-Metro Pharmacy, 35 Majors Path will have a delayed opening Friday.
-SeniorsNL is closed Friday.
-Music Collection Delayed opening until 2 Noon Friday, all in person lessons are cancelled for the morning.
-St. Pius X Parish Office is closed Friday
-Dr. Brett Williams, eye specialist, will open at noon Friday.
-The Works, including the Aquarena and Field House will reopen at 11am on Friday
-The Rooms will reopen to the public at noon Friday.

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