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Friday, December 9th, 2016

Virginia Park School, Frank Roberts Junior High, & Stella Maris Academy are closed today for a PD Day.

There will be no school today for kindergarten students at Bishop Abraham Elementary due to a Kinderstart session.

The following schools are closed this morning;

Acreman Academy ( Green's Harbour )

All Hallows Elementary ( North River )

Amalgamated Academy ( Bay Roberts )

Ascension Collegiate ( Bay Roberts )

Baccalieu Collegiate ( Old Perlican )

Cabot Academy ( Western Bay )

Carbonear Academy ( Carbonear )

Coleys Point Primary ( Bay Roberts )

Holy Redeemer Elementary ( Spaniard's Bay )

Perlwin Elementary ( Winterton )

Persalvic Elementary ( Victoria )

St. Francis School ( Harbour Grace )

St. Peters Elementary (UIC) ( Upper Island Cove )

Tricon Elementary ( Bay de Verde )

Clarenville High School ( Clarenville )

Clarenville Middle School ( Clarenville )

Riverside Elementary ( Clarenville )

Anthony Paddon Elementary ( Musgravetown )

Heritage Collegiate ( Lethbridge )

Woodland Elementary ( Dildo )

Online ordering with the School Lunch Association is on now until Dec 13th.

Holy Hearts holiday ticket draw is underway, only 250 tickets being sold to help raise funds for their annual free prom.

Send your school information to onair@coast1011.
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-Coast 101.1 contests are open to individuals that hold permanent residence in the province of Newfoundland And Labrador and are within the terrestrial broadcast contour of CKSJ-FM at 101.1 MHz.
-Those ineligible are:
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd. employees, persons that reside in the same household as Coast Broadcasting Ltd. employees, and immediate family members of Coast Broadcasting Ltd. employees.
-Coast Prize Sponsors for the contest, sponsor employees, persons that reside in the same household as Coast Prize Sponsor employees, and immediate family members of Coast Prize sponsor employees.
-Individuals that reside outside of the CKSJ-FM terrestrial broadcast contour (ie. Those listening from a geographical distance through internet streaming).
-Those having previously won a prize, and those residing in the same household of a prize winner, in the past 30 days.
-Only one Coast Prize winner per household every 30 days
-Contest participants under the age of 18 may require to have a prize won awarded in the name of a legal guardian.
-Note for some prizes, a requirement of the participant being 19 or older will be confirmed during the contest play.

Contest Participation:
-Those that choose to participate in a Coast contest will participate in a live or taped to live contest play.
-An eligible contest participant is randomly selected in the method described for that contest.
-Should a be caller # contest be played, the selection of the participant is to be considered a random selection of those that choose to phone.  There is no skill required.
-The participant must personally place the phone call, proxy will not be accepted and any misrepresentation will violate the participants eligibility.
-On fulfilling the eligibility requirements, the Coast Contest participant will be awarded the prize

-All prizes are issued in the participants name and are required to be claimed in person at the Coast 101.1 offices within 30 days of winning.
-All prizes must be claimed in person at the offices of Coast 101.1 with proper identification to confirm contest eligibility.  Upon confirmation of eligibility, the prize will be presented to the winner.
-To ensure proper identification of winners, we are unable to mail prizes.
-Prizes not claimed within 30 days are to be considered forfeited by the prize winner.
-Those found ineligible after the fact while claiming a prize in person may not receive their prize.

Other Items:
-Coast Contest participants agree to the following:
-An understanding that they are participating in a radio contest which will involve their verbal responses broadcast over public airwaves
-Their name, general area of residence, voice (recorded or live), and likeness may be used by Coast Broadcasting Ltd and Coast Contest Sponsors in promotional material surrounding the contest
-All prizes are to be accepted as awarded and are not transferable without the express permission of Coast Broadcasting Ltd and/or Coast Contest Sponsors
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd is not responsible for technical errors during the execution of a Coast Contest
-Any restitution due to a technical error is at the sole discretion of Coast Broadcasting Ltd and Coast Contest Sponsors

Coast 101.1 Privacy & Anti-Spam Policy

Coast 101.1 will occasionally ask personal information from our listeners for the purposes of participation in radio station and radio station client promotions and for identification in claiming prizes.  All information is held for the exclusive use of Coast 101.1 and sponsors.  By providing a valid email address for a contest entry though, you are granting permission to be contacted via email by Coast Broadcasting Ltd and/or a sponsor of the contest being offered.  If after the first email contact you wish your information from our database, please contact Operations Manager Allan Gidyk at

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