Coast 101.1 FM
November 18 - November 18
Fall Tea and SCRABBLE
The Terra Nova Grannies (TNG) are holding their Fall Te...
November 18 - November 18
Fall Fair Dinner Rescheduled
The St. John the Evangelist Church Topsail Fall Fair Din...
November 18 - November 18
Afternoon Tea & Bake Sale
Afternoon Tea & Bake Sale at St. Davids Presbyteria...
November 18 - November 18
Fall Fair
St. Lawrence ACW in Portugal Cove will hold a Fall Air on Sa...
November 18 - November 19
Fall Fair
 Irish Loop Artisans Cooperative is holding their fall fai...
November 19 - November 19
Christmas Fair
St. Teresa's Parish, Mundy Pond Road is having its Annual Ch...
November 19 - November 19
Craft Fair
Mazol Shriners of Newfoundland and Labrador are hosting...
November 19 - November 19
Christmas Craft Fair
New Beginnings cat rescue 1st Annual Christmas Craft Fa...
November 19 - November 19
Christmas Craft Fair
Christmas Craft Fair on November 19th from 1-4pm at 19 Broo...
November 19 - November 19
Olde Time Christmas Tree
Immaculate Conception Parish, Hr. Grace will be holding an O...
November 19 - November 19
Printer's Fair
PRINTERS' FAIR, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2017Rocket Room, 11am-5...
November 20 - November 27
Special Topic Series for Single Moms
Ruah Counselling Centre is offering a "Special Topic Series ...
November 20 - November 20
Acrylic Painting Classes
Acrylic Painting Classes at St. John's Retired Citizen's As...
November 20 - November 24
City Food Drive
From Monday, Nov. 20 to Friday, Nov. 24 the City of St. John...
November 21 - November 21
BN Information Session
Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program:Information Sess...
November 21 - November 22
Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair Basketball, an inclusive game open to all interes...
November 21 - November 21
Caregivers Education and Support Program
The Mount Pearl Seniors Independence Group will be hold...
November 22 - November 22
Alcoholics Anonymous
"If you want to drink that's your business. If you can't sto...
November 22 - November 30
Free CPR Classes
Would you know what to do if someone had a sudden cardiac a...
November 22 - November 22
Alcoholics Anonymous
"Have you sometimes wished you could spend a holiday "Sober...
November 23 - November 28
Mount Pearl Lions Club Santa Claus parade
The Mount Pearl Lions Club will be once again hosting the M...
November 23 - November 23
Survive and Thrive
Survive and Thrive with Roy Nugler, CPA, CA A talk f...
November 24 - November 24
Christmas Gospel Concert
A Christmas Gospel Concert will be held on Friday, Nove...
November 24 - November 24
pre-Christmas Roast Beef dinner
All Saints Parish Ways and MeansCommittee, Foxtrap are ...
November 24 - November 24
Women of Distinction Awards Nominations
YWCA St. Johns proudly announces that nominations are n...
November 24 - November 24
Paint Night Fundraiser
St. James United Church is holding a Paint Nite Fundraiser f...
November 25 - November 26
Christmas Raffle
The Benevolent Irish Society Christmas Raffle is November 25...
November 25 - November 25
Christmas Social
Wesleys Christmas Social (Dinner, Dance, card game) wil...
November 25 - November 25
Silent Auction
St. Mark's Anglican Church will hold a Silent Auction a...
November 25 - November 25
MOVE IT Family Fun Day
MOVE IT Family Fun Day NL Sports Centre(Power Plex), Crosbi...
November 25 - November 26
Christmas Raffles
The BIS is holding Christmas Raffles in aid of the School Lu...
November 25 - November 25
Colinet Christmas Concert
Colinet Loggers Heritage Society 1st Annual Christmas Concer...
December 1 - December 1
Dessert Party & Silent Auction
St. James United Church is holding a fundraiser, a Dessert P...
December 3 - December 3
Afternoon Tea and Christmas Bake Sale
150 RCAFA (North Atlantic) Wing Air Force Associati...
December 3 - December 3
Christmas Food & Craft Fair
Christmas Multicultural food and Craft FairSt. Augustine's A...
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Meat Loaf
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
And We Danced
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Coast School Information

...for the Avalon Mall, celebrating 50 years! Where choice is everything. Visit

Friday, November 17th, 2017

St. Augustine's on Bell Island is having their Walk to Breakfast this morning. Students will meet at the sports field.

It's Dress Down Day at Lakecrest.

Holy Heart High students will receive their report cards today (November 17th). Parent/Teacher meetings will take place next Thursday (November 23rd).

Waterford Valley High will host their annual "Christmas in the Valley" craft fair this Saturday.

The 23rd Annual Ascension Collegiate Fall Fair, will also be held on Saturday, from 10-4.

The Prince of Wales CollegiateSafe Grad 2018 committee is holding a recycling blitz the weekend. Drop off your refundable drink containers at the school tomorrow morning from 10:00 to 11:30, and at Breakwater Pharmacy in Portugal Cove on Sunday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00. They will also be selling 50/50 tickets for the big draw on December 15th.

All Hallows Elementary will be having a Recycling Blitz on Tuesday, (November 21st).

Education Staff at Salmonier Nature Park are now available to visit schools to deliver free educational programs. For details of these programs, please call the park.

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