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June 22 - June 30
Kids Club Program
Contact: 754-3474
Salmon the Leaper Kids Club Program for June at The Suncor Energy Fluvarium

Join your friends at The Fluvarium and discover the salmon life cycle, hear a story of the mysterious Salmon People, and play a game about the great journey a salmon takes to the ocean.

Every Saturday and Sunday from June 1-30 at 1:30pm
Program runs approx. 45-60 minutes

This Fluvarium Kids program is Family Fun and can include an outdoor component, game, story and craft!

Fluvarium Kids Club Weekend Programs
Have you heard? Kids ages 510 and their families are invited to join Fluvarium Kids! Receive updates, collect stickers, and earn a Fluvarium Kids Fresh Water Friends certificate when you attend sessions in four different months!

Fluvarium Kids programs are complimentary with admission.
Ask about our Annual Family Pass.

For more information contact:
754-3474 -
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Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

The following schools are closed today;

Amalgamated Academy

Roncalli Elementary

Mary Queen of Peace

It's Sports Awards Day at Lakecrest (June 18th).

St Mary's Elementary's Grade 3 Farm Field Trip going ahead rain or shine. Students should wear rubber boots

Beachy Cove Elementarys Sports Day for K-2 is a go (June 18th).

East Point Elementary's Fun Day is scheduled for today (June 18th).

St.Francis of Assisi Fun Day is NOT going ahead today (June 18th).

Today's (June 18th) Holy Family Elementary (Paradise) K-2 Sports day postponed until Thursday.

Admiral's Academy Primary Sports Day is tomorrow (June 19th).

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